Time for a Change – Try EntomoLabels!

tl;dr: Bugtag is retired, try EntomoLabels instead! You can get it at https://labels.entomo.pl.

Hi all, it’s been a while! This is the perfect time to learn new tools to help get ready for the next field season, and I want to introduce you to EntomoLabels, which can be downloaded from https://labels.entomo.pl!

This is an absolutely free program tailored to entomologists, but it is flexible enough to apply to anything you want to collect. It does pretty much anything you can think of in terms of visual label design – including adding images and barcodes, a real neat way to create serial numbered labels, and you can generate labels from databases via CSV files!

When I was looking at where I was going with the next version of Bugtag after a long hiatus, I checked around the web to see what other people were doing. I found EntomoLabels during that search, and I was impressed with what I saw as I tested the program – it was doing almost everything I wanted to do with the BugTag project, and also had great features I hadn’t thought of.

I decided I wanted to help this project succeed in what way I could, and started corresponding with Grzegorz Banasiak, the creator of EntomoLabels, over English translation and feature enhancements. He invited me to assist his team and we focused on features, testing, and writing the EntomoLabels user manual in English (the EntomoLabels team is from Poland, and they have had a global mindset from the beginning, wanting to make EntomoLabels available worldwide). The first revision of that manual is available on the EntomoLabels website and we look forward to feedback to make the manual, tutorials and EntomoLabels better for you collectors out there!

Accordingly, I’m retiring the BugTag labelmaker, with a huge thank you to all you who have tried/used it over the years. I have ideas for companion projects in the future; perhaps they will happen, perhaps not. I’m glad for the experience of creating and sharing the Insect Collection Labelmaker over the years and wish you all the best!

Keep Collecting!