The case of the missing Create Labels button

For you Mac 2011 users out there…

What do you do if you accidentally delete  the “Create Labels” button and cannot start the Labelmaker?

Don’t despair!  Here is how to fix that:

From the Word menu, click on “View” then “Toolbars”.  You will see several entries that may or may not have checkmarks next to them.  One of these entries is “LabelMaker”.  Click on this and the “Create Labels” button will return.

Restore the Create Labels button on the Mac
Restore the Create Labels button on the Mac


Thanks to Dr. William J. Turner for bringing this to my attention.

I’d like to see the gridlines, please…

One comment I’d received was that one could not see the gridlines of their label document.  This is a MS Word feature, and here is how to reveal or hide the gridlines:

Click anywhere in your created label document, then go to the ribbon and click on “Layout” under the “Table Tools” category.  To the left, you should see the “View Gridlines” link.  Clicking on the link will toggle the visibility of the table’s gridlines.