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I have made the following improvements to this release (Updated 13 Oct 2015):

  1. Tested for use with MS Word 2016 for PC and Mac successfully!
  2. Fixed bugs with small batch sizes and with double label batches printing half the number of labels requested.
  3. Serial Numbered Label capability!  See the Documentation to get started.
  4. Automatically calculates the maximum # of labels to fit on a sheet.
  5. Added another label type – each field represents one line.
  6. Added identification to the single label forms.
  7. Added limited font/size selection capability.
  8. Added A4 printing capability for those who’d like it.
  9. Cleaned up the Text File Backup feature.

There will be other improvements coming down the line as well.  You can start by downloading the latest release: Insect Collection Labelmaker 2014.  This is a Macro-enabled Microsoft Word document (.docm) format that should work in Word 2010, 2013 and 2016 for Windows, and Word 2011 and 2016 for Mac.

I will post detailed documentation on how to use the labelmaker in either the Documentation or the Tips and Tricks categories.  You can start here.

I welcome any feedback you would like to send my way via the Feedback form to your right.  The MS Word Labemaker is a step towards something bigger coming on the horizon, so I would like to know what features work or don’t work; what parts of the existing feature set are useful or not.  I intend to see if barcoded output is feasible, though this would be more of a curation/storage tool vs an identification tool, and quite honestly might be tricky to do on a 5/8″ (16 mm) wide label.

Keep Collecting!


15 Replies to “Get the Labelmaker here!”

  1. Using Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 (Word ver. 14.0.7125.500 SP2) I receive the following Microsoft Visual Basic message when I attempt to generate labels:

    run-time error ‘5148’: the number must be between 1 and 32767

    Any ideas?

  2. Once I’ve entered all my data and I press the Create Labels button. It generates the Word doc, starts to build the table and then stops and throws the VB error. Non of the entered data ever appears. I’ll send you a screen shot if you’ll tell me where.


      1. Run-time error ‘4198’

        If you want to print an A4 sheet full of labels and only had time to fill part of the sheet, is there a possibility to save the work done and retake it later?

        1. Hi Antonio,

          Sorry for the late reply – my day job has kept me rather busy.

          When exactly do you get the Runtime Error 4198?

          As for saving a label job and adding to it, that is currently outside this program’s scope. It is planned for the next release, and I need to get started on that.

          You can send further correspondence to Mike-at-bugtag-dot-com

          Keep Collecting!

  3. Hello,
    Enjoying this program but I am having a small problem I hope you can help with. I am creating double labels, saving a backup file for collection labels. No matter how many labels I save to list and create, the final 2 or 3 that I save actually overwrite the first 2 or 3 labels on the sheet once it is created.
    Any help appreicated, thanks!

    1. Hi Anthony, thanks for commenting!

      Interesting problem! Please send to mike-at-bugtag-dot-com your MS Word version, then I can perhaps test this out. I myself had not seen this before.

      Keep Collecting!


  4. Hi the dialogue box appears too large for my screen on win 7 running word 2010, and it won’t move to be able to adust the size of the dialogue box

    1. Hi Andy. I apologize for the VERY late reply – I need to change this notification system. I want to know what is your computer’s screen resolution. The dialogue boxes are sized to fit the form – is my form too large for your screen? I did test this running win 7/word 2010, so I am very curious as to what you are seeing. If you are still wanting to chase this down, reply and we will chase this down.

  5. Dear Mike,

    When I tried to run the macro in Office 2016, I received the following Visual Basic error:

    Run-time error ’13’:
    Type mismatch

    I tried to ran in another computers, and I obtained the same error.

    Any suggestions????


    1. Hello Francisco, I apologize for the VERY LATE reply. I hadn’t received a notification. Your need has long since passed, I’m sure. If you are still collecting insects, I’m a co-author of the EntomoLabels Insect collection labels software. It is a free program and you can get it at Have a great day and Keep collecting! Mike

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